Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Long Time No Blog!

Left Austin, TX a couple days ago and made the 17 hr drive here to Tucson AZ! Before Austin we played Dallas TX which was amazing as we had the pleasure of playing with not only the Strage Boys but also Wax Museums (all thanks to John!!!) It was a great show as was the show in Austin at Emo's! The first band had an accordion player who looked like George W. Bush... it was creepy and akward but playing with the Strange Boys again made it ok... Thanks to the fabulous SB as they took care of us while in Austin!!! (thanks fer the slushies Matt!) also its Meredith's Birthday today! woo hoo!! In any case this part of the country is like sitting on top of the fucking sun yet the friendly people seem to make it bearable... we're off to Phoenix AZ tonight... see you in Cali bitches!
the CH

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